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Content Creation - Best Traffic Generating Method Online?

  Is content creation the best traffic generating method online? This is a simple question that has been asked from many a newbie to the online marketing arena. So is this the best way to build your list and promote your business online? The simplest answer is YES, and here is why. Content creation is still and will always be the best traffic generating method of marketing online, the question is...why? Because it is specifically targeted not only for the search engines to find and rank, but for specific businesses and groups of individuals to find easily. From here on out on this particular piece of content some may argue the points with me, but at the end of the day...I get a great amount of traffic online and traffic that converts easier and faster. PROMOTION, PROMOTION and PROMOTION! Every day online I talk with individuals, e-mail individuals about the questions they ask. Most of the time it is about the latest promotion, software or affiliate product they are either looking at or